Re: Sergent Engineering First Post

Matthew Turner

Hi I am another Aussie and I also model railways in South Australia but for me my modeling focus is set in the mid 1980's to mid 90's when the railways were operated by Australian National. 
 So for me it is mainly lower shelf with the occasional standard E and double shelf couples where applicable.

Matthew Turner
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Sent: Monday, 5 February 2018 10:42 AM
Subject: Sergent Engineering First Post
Brief intro. I use Sergent couplers for auto-coupled stock on an Australian broad gauge layout (genuine broad gauge - 18.39mm), set in the 1920s. The South Australian Railways had an American commissioner then who Americanised the rail system, replacing antiquated and inefficient British style locos, rolling stock and operating practices. I model the transition era so both types of rolling stock are in use, which means I have to use another coupler on the old chain- and drawhook-coupled stock. It's an interesting mix but the Sergents are perfect for the job they do.

Ross Hurley
Adelaide, Australia

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