Re: Sergent Engineering First Post - or maybe not

John Hagen

I use Outlook as my email program but I doubt that makes much difference.
I have all my normal emails sent automatically to folders. So when a group switches from YG to I just have the emails from the sent to the same folder. That way I receive them all and can reply to them all.
For this group they go to my "Sergent" folder. Works very well and is basically fool proof. The fact that a fool such as I can do it without screwing it up is proof.
For creating a new subject I simply hit reply and then change the subject line.
John Hagen

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Subject: Sergent Engineering First Post - or maybe not

Well I guess I'll join in and see if this goes through. First post on io but not my first post ever...

I've had Sergents since 2004 (I still have an unopened pack of the original pewter casting couplers) but did take a lengthy hiatus from using them after getting frustrated with assembly and breakage of the original style. For those that don't know I'm the person responsible for the "Great Sergent Coupler Drought" of a few years back.

Land of Oz

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