Re: HOn3 Couplers

John Degnan <scaler164@...>

Mark, I'd like to see some photos of your results using the selected paint... and would like to know how you applied it.


John D.


On February 4, 2018 at 7:38 AM Mark Lewis <narrowrails12@...> wrote:

First, thanks for moving this group to this new format. Glad to be proactive. 
Yesterday I finished building 3 pair of RNC87K narrow shank HOn3 first Sergents.
These are to be installed on Rail Line box/stock cars.
Instead of using Frank's recommended Rustoleum primer, I used Tamiya #TS-1, Red Brown, in a spray can. I liked the more subdued color
...more realistic.
Looking forward to converting all my Blackstone rolling stock to Sergents.

Mark Lewis 
Stony Point, NC 

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