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Mike Conder

Normally a transfer would be best, but the transfers have been temporarily suspended due to issues with Yahoo ... it's apparently been acting squirrely.  So it's better to get people signed up now, just in case Yahoo craters before it cna be transferred.

Mike Conder

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FWIW, it would probably be better to just transfer the group.  The transfer establishes everyone’s account as well as membership in the group, and copies their subscription settings (Individual, NoEmail, etc.) as well. Their account will initially have no password, unless they are already a member.  Each individual will begin receiving messages and can post or reply by email immediately upon transfer regardless of membership.


If they wish to visit the group’s website for photos, files, etc., they will need to create a password to be full members.  That is a very easy process the first time they try to logon. 

And, unlike Yahoo and the other big services, they won’t have to give up an appendage and their first born. 


Memberships are transferred first, followed by files, photos, and so on.  When finished will send a message to each individual letting them know they are member of the new group along with appropriate links.  Once that is done, I would suggest switching everyone’s membership on this group to Moderate and perhaps post a message saying we’ve moved and pointing them to the new group home.  Hope this helps!


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For all interested.


Please go to and sign up. You do not need a account to join. If possible, put your name, so that when posting, we know who you are.


John Niemeyer

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