Re: New HO narrow coupler box now available

Jim King

Thank you, Jon.  I get emails in digest mode and Yahoo strips all attachments so I couldn’t see your pix.  Can you email them to me directly?


I’m glad you like the parts.  John Degnan did a “little” arm-twisting to get me to make these parts because the Accurail boxes are so hard to find and there’s no other option for Sergent users in HO.  Our goal was to get as close to the Accurail box dimensions as possible (it has the same opening) but improve the outer detail, such as the frame extensions, coupler key/wedge/rivets and the buffer block features.  Self-centering was a major reason I agreed to take on this project because that is a feature the Accurail box could not provide and has been requested by many Sergent users over the years.  I re-entered HO in March 2017 (for personal modeling, not resin kit manufacturing) and plan to give Sergent couplers a real test on my equipment … having self-centering option is important to me, too.


I don’t plan to produce an HOn3 version because the market size is a fraction of standard gauge market with is already small.  My 2nd product, a Kadee whisker/Sergent compatible shank box, should be shipping by the 2nd week of Feb.


Jim King


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