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Dale Buxton

Well John,

I know that Duncan has stressed over the lack of the self centering issue about Sergent's since he first got his hands on some. That, and the fact that they won't mate easily or automatically uncouple from Kadee 714's. He wanted them to work 100% together. But, there is just no way that could happen. They are two different animals. I just bit the bullet, and converted to them 100% and never looked back. And I've never regretted it either. They just look better and work better than Kadee 714's. Period!

I also see the convention of having self centering couplers. However, I've never felt that Kadee 714's did a 100% job at this. Plus, there was also that spring bouncing daisy chain effect of the centering springs in them. Causing slack in the train to take up and bounce back. especially at slow speeds. That for me, on more then one occasion caused a whole train to daisy chain derail. Sergents have never done either of these things to me.

As far as this new coupler box goes. I can see on very good reason why these HO standard guage coupler boxes will not work well in HOn3. If these new coupler boxes are the same dimensions as the old Accumate ones (which you say they are). Then they are too wide to fit between HOn3 wheel sets and still allow the trucks to negotiate any track radius less than 22" radius. There is a lot of track work out there that is less than 22" radius! Also, the Accumates needed to be cut in half to shorten them so they would fit between the the bolster and the end of the car on 30' and less cars. Which most HOn3 cars are. I think we are talking about creating a whole new animal for HOn3. Which is fine by me. But for myself, I see little point to this when existing items can be simply modified to do the trick of coupler centering.  

There is also a third camp of thought here. 'Camp' 3: Those that don't care one way or the other.

Dale Buxton

On Sunday, January 14, 2018, 3:50:14 AM MST, John Degnan Scaler164@... [SergentEng] wrote:


Duncan (and all),

Concerning Sergent's Sharon coupler... the narrow shank versions (RNC87K and RNB87K)... I just took another look at them on their site, and their shanks appear to be identical to the shank this new draft gear box is designed for.  So I see no reason this box won't work for the narrow gauge market as well since the rear of the shank is the only real determining factor.

Buy a set and try it... if it doesn't work, I, personally, will buy it back form you.

John D


On January 13, 2018 at 3:37 PM "duncan harvey train3guy@... [SergentEng]" wrote:


John D,

    I also misunderstood your first comment.   Your second explanation
is clearer and, with Mark, I agree with it.  But, HO narrow gauge is a
big market compared to all the other narrow gauge markets, even when
they are combined.  It is still a small niche, but it is the largest of
the narrow gauge markets. Therefore, I think an HOn3 self centering
coupler pocket for the Sergents would be a good market.  Although no
where as big as the HO market.  I hope something can be done in this
area to improve the sale-ability of the Sharon couplers to the HOn3



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