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John Niemeyer <jniemeyer@...>

I have mounted several of the front pilot “E” type couplers (ES1P87) to brass engines. No problems with double heading. I just don’t couple front to front steam engines and have never seen a narrow gauge prototype coupled that way either. The rear couplers on my equipment are all insulated anyway.

Good morning!

I am in the process of converting my HOn3 rolling stock from Kadee 714 couplers to the new Sergent Engineering Sharon couplers.  Has anyone found a problem with using these diecast couplers on the front pilot of Blackstone locomotives?  I am specifically concerned about a short-circuit when double-heading.  So far, I have seen no negative information regarding this.

By the way, these Sharon couplers are a very easy installation into the Blackstone cars!  Very impressive product!

Thanks in advance for any information that people may provide.

John Short

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