Re: Coupler finish/color

RJ Dial

Thanks to everyone who replied. Been digesting it all. In addition, the crafty wife had the idea of a brown Sharpie Permanent Marker (fine tip) after assembly. I tried a black one I had and it permanently colored the pewter material, so a possibility there. I have one on order.  Another idea she had was if the base material contains tin, she has a dark copper patina solution from her stain glass supplies she was going to try and find. Will report back on the results in addition to few mentioned in the replies.

As a side note, it appears that only the EC87s had the rough surface, the ENs I got are like the  older material but pewter color.  

For giggles and grins, I've attached an image of the color progression through the years. On the left is the original high quality, high detail, but supposedly deadly material.  Next is what I consider the perfect balance of brown matte finish and surface from the early 2000's. 3rd from the left is the pewter finish. You can see that the mold detail sharpness is disappearing. On the right is the coarse black finish that freaked me out.
RJ Dial
Bulrlingame, CA

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