Re: [SergentEng] Re: Coupler finish/color

John Niemeyer

This is what Frank said on his website.
The "secret" is Rustoleum's Rusty Metal Primer. This is great stuff. It's just the right color and has a dead flat finish. It's available in spray cans and pints and quarts. You can find it just about anywhere (including Walmart).
In the 2014 HOn3 Annual, I used Tamiya “Red/Brown”. In my opinion model paint has a finer pigment and can be sprayed with a thinner coat.
I also lube the knuckle with Neolube. When dry, it leaves a grimy weathered look.
John Niemeyer

Actually, painting them is the normal way to finish these.  I think the info is on the web site but it is also on an article in the HOn3 Annual a few years back.  I know that because I helped write the article!  But sadly I don't have it at hand and can't remember the exact paint, though I think it may have been Krylon primer.
Mike Conder

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