Coupler finish/color

RJ Dial

Yikes, after finally going through the last of my 2 packs of 96 couplers (EN87 & EC87) , I got a new order today, and instead of the nice smooth realistic brown finish, they are rough and a grayish black. Guess I've been living under a rock. I don't want to try and paint these as that would be the fastest way to foul up their smooth flawless operation I've come to enjoy.  Anyone found a "Blacken It" (Brown It?) type of solution to throw these into?

I tried the sucky Yahoo search of conversations but could only find out why the change (Hexavalent Chromium), but no evident solution.  Really, if this was the finish 15 years ago when I made the switch, I probably wouldn't have went the Sergent route.


RJ Dial

Burlingame, CA

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