Re: [SergentEng] Coupler not working properly

Tim L

Good to see Frank make an appearance. I tried emailing a few times
yonks ago without any reply.

Just something else to check if you haven't already is to see if the
tang on the bottom half is bent. I had this same ball locking trouble a
couple of times with the diecast couplers until Frank got me sorted.
I was assembling the couplers so that the two halves were assembled
tight to each other at the tang. When the tang is bent this means that
the coupler head is not tight and this was allowing some extra movement
of the knuckle which would then suffer the stuck open problem.
Assembling so the two halves of the head are tight (there might be a
slight gap of the two halves at the tang) usually cures the problem.

Land of OZ

On 27/10/2017 12:50, Edwardsutorik@... [SergentEng] wrote:
Thanks for getting back to me.  I'll do that.  I've got 5 more from this package and 6 from an unopened one.  I think it would make sense to finish out the next 5 or 11 and see if it happens again and/or how often.
But I'll definitely send 'em back so you can check them out.  Well, it ain't "them" yet, only "it".  We'll see.

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