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Ryan Harris

Before the F and SE couplers were continuously available (I believe they were lost wax castings of 3D printed parts back then), I used McHenry shelf couplers on cars that needed them. The reason is they would couple with the Sergent couplers I had on the rest of my models. They actually coupled and performed bettwr than Kadees for this purpose. Once the shelf and F couplers became available I chucked the McHenrys and installed Sergents. 

I have to say, building all those E and SBE couplers was good practice for the SE and F couplers I've been building lately. 

Ryan Harris

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To All,
Sergent couplers will couple with McHenry & Kadee couplers but the couplers will have to be pushed to the side once they join to make the couple. The Sergent's won't couple with the McHenry or Kadee's when coupling "face to face" like 2 Sergent couplers do. But I've coupled my McHenry and Kadee couplers to a Sergent coupler by this method. So an instant change over from Kadee or McHenry isn't necessary all at once. This is what I've found. I'm changing to all Sergent's but until the funds permit I will couple with some McHenry couplers or Kadee couplers. Nothing is as realistic as Sergent couplers,or work like Sergent Couplers do.

Alan Hummel

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I don't think yahoo groups allows sending of pictures.  

I would suggest starting out with the EC87K 6 pack (the couplers do not come assembled, they are a kit).  The E type coupler would be appropriate for all locomotives listed.  As far as specific fit:  If you already have un-modified Kadee's installed, the EC87K should fit just fine.  If something other than a Kadee is installed currently (Mchenry on the Athearn locomotives) you may have to do some modifications.  I installed Sergents in my Athearn Genesis SD70ace, but I dont remember if I had to make any modifications.

Sergents will not couple to Kadee couplers.   

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Ok awesome thank you have some h o sd70s I want to get the couplers for also for the 2 steam engines I have the u p big boy and the s p daylight  can you send me pictures of the ones i need for those I would appreciate it   I want to change all my couplers to what you all have the realism is out of the world    I wish the manufacturer like athearn or walthers would already have the Sergent on there locomotives and rolling stock 

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Which ones you use will depend on a couple of things.  

1. Mechanical fit
As far as fit in the locomotive or car goes, if a Kadee fits in it now, one of the compatible shank couplers should be able to drop in its place.  

If you are currently using one of the over center shanks or under center shank kadee's, then you will either need to carefully file the appropriate side of the sergent's mounting surface or fix the height problem on the piece of equipment. 

Passenger cars are a slightly different animal...

2. Type of coupler (E, SBE, etc)

The short answer....E type, standard length.  Only buy different length couplers if you determine an actual need for them (there are certain situations where they may be needed.  I have not really come across them yet.

Longer answer....

-You can use the years along side the different types of coupler as a guide.
-Refer to prototype photos
-E types were the de-facto standard up until 1968.  If you model before then the choice is easy, E types..E types are still in use.  There isn't a requirement to replace them with anything else at this time, with the exception of a few types of cars:
-Tank cars now require double shelf couplers (modern era)

Tightlock couplers (F, SF, and H) require larger radius curves than most people have.  If you have 24" radius, these will (likely) not work for you....  I tested the H type on Rapido Osgood-Bradleys(85').  They would not negotiate a 35" radius curves without the cars lifting off the track on the inside.

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How do I know what coupler I need for h o locomotives and rail cars

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