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Thanks, Jon.  I had seen this tool in the Micro Mark catalog, but just never got around to buying one.  Sounds like a great addition to the workbench,.


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Hi all,

I thought I'd weigh in on the discussion from my experience handling springs and the micro ball bearings.  First of all, for the springs, I purchased the spring grabber from Micro-Mark.  Here's information about it:,7636.html

I've used this tool for many years while building Kadee 714 couplers for my HOn3 fleet, and it works very well with the Sergent couplers.

As for the ball bearing, I lightly magnetized a #11 blade on my hobby knife to pick up the ball bearing.  I magnetized the blade by touching it to the Sergent uncoupling wand.  I can then easily position the ball bearing into the cup on the coupler.  With my free hand, I use a tooth pick to hold the ball bearing in place while sliding away the hobby knife.  I have yet to lose a ball bearing using this method.

Hope this helps!


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