Slack action Was Where to purchase

John Niemeyer

I agree, coupler accordion/coupler bob is a real problem with Kadee 713 and 714 couplers as used in HOn3. I don’t model HO standard gauge, so I can’t speak for those.
There is another source for Sergent couplers
I guess I never answered your question:
I think the only place you can buy Sergent Couplers is from Sergent, himself.
Maybe an email to him might shed some light on the various possibilities?
Mike Van Hove
This is also why I moved to Sergents.  They look better too, but it was the accordion effect that drove me to them.
Andy and John,
I agree that slack was/is a fact of life, but my point is that a (model) train moving at a constant speed, on level track, shouldn’t have the accordian effect.
With the KD Couplers, it’s often quite an effect, and the Sergents really don’t do that.  Or if they do, it’s barely noticeable.
Mike Van Hove

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