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Dale Kritzky

I have done quite a few Kadee cars, what I do on the box cars now is after getting the body off you slide the coupled boxes and steps off, I then cut the steps off at the coupler box and super glue them to the floor, the coupler post is pointed towards the front, I cut off the pointy part, then you need to thin the Sergent shank, this is trial and error, just make sure you have the coupler box lid on then slide it back on the car to check on coupler free play, if it's good slide the box back on but leave about a .60" gap between the box and the center sill, this is because the close coupling between the cars which is also why you cut off the steps at the begining, if everything is good a drop of super glue is all you need to hold the box in place. On the cushioned draft gear you just need to remove the pointy part of the post an thin the shank a little, same goes for all of the other cars including the tank car.

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Hello Greg,

I do not have many Kadee-made freight cars in the fleet but I have installed Sergent couplers on most of them, with a few left to do. All I have are boxcars. 

Opening up the coupler box is the first challenge. Not difficult, but it takes a bit of planning. Review the sheet that comes with the car showing how it is assembled. Remember, the Kadee cars are basically a tab “A” into slot “B” press/snap fit. No glue. Reverse the assembly instructions to open up the coupler box. Then I have filed the boss or post, whatever one wants to call it, to round off the edges and to fit a standard type E coupler with the comparable shank. Install the coupler per instructions. Then press and snap the car back together. 

I have not experienced any operating issues with this installations.

Cheers & Happy Modeling,
Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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A friend who converted his whole layout has a few, they take compatible shank E's. Taking the car apart is the hard part. 

Nathan Rich

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Has anyone put Sergents on Kadee cars. If so, what/how did you do it and what coupler did you use.


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