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Michael Looney

 I am the type of person that if I make a mistake I say so, and Apology for my mistake, to me it the only right thing to do, I guess you can say I was raised that way many years ago, I think, or at least at times I do try to forgot some of my past. I am waiting for that day when I can I really can't remember, but in my case I will forget the good stuff and, remember the bad stuff..
 Now I have about 40 couplers that I need to put together and see how I am going to install some in the old Keystone Log cars, not sure if I want to cut away the whole bottom of where the coupler will go, or try to trim the opening that they have for a Kadee coupler. I think I will be okay on a MDC Roundhouse Shay, if not then I will need to do the same to it, or maybe rebuild it to hold a Sergent. I have about 40 Blackstone cars to do and two Micro-trains Reefer and about ten Micro-Trains log cars. I am working on four HOn3 MDC Shays, building them and also, repowering them and replacing the gears on the axles, that just slip when you move them. Now the great part of being able to to that, is that NWSL has a video under Seven Street Shop and  it show how to install the new gears and to get it to run quiet and smooth, it also show repowering other engines on the same Facebook page, so check it out if you get the chance, and see how the expert do it. Right now it show about four engine it has repowered with more to come.
Michael Looney 

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