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Nathan Rich

Sharon and E couplers will interchange. There is also a +.100 shank E head coupler available on the website.

Just using E's will definitely change your opinion on Kadee couplers.

Nathan Rich

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My name is Ken Neufeld. I model in Sn3. Wondering if anyone out there is using Sergent couplers in this scale/gauge.

Would also like to know if there are specs on these couplers. Couldn't find any on the Sergent website. Specifically I build PBL kits and they use a Kadee #26 on a lot of their kits. This coupler has a .100 longer shank than the #5.

I am assuming the compatible shank couplers are replacements for the #5 or the newer scale head coupler.

I am thinking I would use the Sharon coupler but don't know if it would be compatible. Or would I have to use the Type E and ignore the vintage?

Thanks to anyone

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