Re: [SergentEng] Draft gear boxes

Alan Hummel

I need narrow shank couplers I'm told, as the Intermountain corn syrup tankers I have,use Accurail draft boxes that Sergent used for their Narrow Shank couplers when available. I tried to see if these could be converted to standard Kadee #5 boxes years back when I was still active in HO,but at that time,Intermountain said the conversion wasn't possible on those particular tankers.

Al Hummel

On Sunday, October 30, 2016 9:28 AM, "Maxime Grenu cluster2600@... [SergentEng]" wrote:


I tried it works fine.

Best regards 
Maxime Grenu 

On Sunday, 2 October 2016, scott.d100@... [SergentEng] <SergentEng@...> wrote:
In light of the discussion about the Accurail boxes not being available, has anyone tried using Sergent couplers in the Moloco draft gear boxes?  Would these work best with the compatible or the narrow shank couplers? Or both perhaps?

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