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After I lost count of the springs that launched themselves into the ether, I tried a gimmick I heard about long ago: I take a length of fishing line and thread it through the little spring.  Then holding both ends of the line between my left thumb and forefinger, I use my right hand to nestle the little devil into the Kadee coupler jig.  Once the spring is locked into position, I gently pull out the line and bingo!  Haven't lost a spring since I started using this method.

Russ Norris

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Thank you Morgan,I bought a Spring Pic years ago,now the trick is to find the thing!!! Ever have that trouble? Thanks for your input.
Best Regards,
Alan Hummel

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As another person switching from Kadee's to Sergent I join in recommending the reamer.  I have a fair number of Sunshine kits and the mount is of VARIBLE size.  The reamer saves the day on that count.  Another tool I found useful is the Kadee "Pic" for inserting those *###?!!@ little springs.  If you use the tool and your thumb you can install quite a few in a row before one of them launches into space.  The spring really does help in lining up the couplers.  The final visual effect of the Sergent is, in my opinion worth the effort.  Have fun!

Morgan Reed

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