Re: [SergentEng] Possibly Going To Kadee's On Passenger Cars

Tim L

This might get the creative juices flowing.

I'd not likely try a nail like shown but the principal of the idea;
redirecting the magnetic flux from the wand is. It might be possible to
fashion fixed uncoupling bars with a bulky end over the top of the
coupler so you only have to touch the uncoupling lever at the side of
the car with the wand or something similar. No idea of the best material
to do it with though.

If I ever get around to making some passenger cars this is what I'll
have to do, no way the passenger car wand that's available will fit
between the diaphragms and couplers on what I model.

- Tim

On 29/09/2016 05:37, jacob.damron@... [SergentEng] wrote:


You said:

As to uncoupling at the platform, why are you trying to assemble a train
at said platform? I am not trying to criticize, but in my experience
passenger trains are usually assembled at the coach yard and then taken
to the depot to be loaded by the yard engine. Then you just need to cut
off the goat and tie on the road power. In this instance, I am merely
suggesting a different operating plan.

Ideally, yes, we would have a separate coach facility to break down and
assemble passenger trains. And building such a module is on the to-do
list but it's about four years out. The module I'm building, not just
planning, is a near prototypical replica of Dallas Union Terminal from
1961. The footprint of this module is 43' X 20'. Dallas was a busy place
and not one that I completely understand the operations on. The te
rminal was on the north end, the coach yard and engine facilities were
in the middle, and the Rock Island and MoPac yards were south with Tower
19. Adjacent to the Union Station was the REA express building with
three tracks for those type of cars. My understanding, based upon photos
and other sources, was that express head end cars were pulled off on the
terminating trains after the power was removed and sent to be serviced
by the hostlers. The coach/lounge cars were routinely pulled away
separately by the 0-6-0 switcher DUT #7 (early years) or the SW900 DUT
#8 (later years) to be serviced in the coach yard. The reverse was
accomplished and the train reassembled at the platforms for some of the
80 trains that Dallas saw each day. Some trains, such as my RI Twin Star
Rocket, just stopped for pax and bags and then pressed on.

My module has the REA tracks and the wye facility to turn the trains. In
the absenc e of the coach yard, either by facility limitations or until
it's built, we will have to service some trains at the platform. But,
regardless of operating philosophy which I would love to continue the
discussion on, there is still a need to easily assemble and disassemble
passenger cars with diaphragms. I'm a died in the wool Sergent guy but
operational capability always trumps prototypical accuracy with me.

If anyone has a solution I'm all ears. How much magnetic force would it
take to push the Sergent ball out of the socket?

Jacob Damron
Ft Worth

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