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As another person switching from Kadee's to Sergent I join in recommending the reamer.
On models that have molded-on draft gear boxes, I back this up 100%... the reamer is a necessary tool.  But...
I have a fair number of Sunshine kits and the mount is of VARIBLE size.  The reamer saves the day on that count.
This brings up a pet-peeve of mine in that I sincereny wish that ALL model manufacturers would STOP!!! with the practice of making the draft gear boxes a MOLDED-ON detail!!!  There are SO many, much nicer looking (and working) options out there to choose from such as Kadee's # 262 "Narrow Low Profile" box (which will also accept a Sergent coupler with a very slight amount of shank filing) and Accurail's # 1020 "Proto:HO Accumate" box (which Sergent now offers WITH his 'EN' narrow shank couplers (an absolutely UNBEATABLE combo as far as appearance in concerned!)... all of which easily attach to a model with one or two screws.  So in my view, there is little to no reason for any model manufacturer to provide anything more than a flat mounting 'pad' in the area where there draft gear box goes.  Accurail has actually started doing this on some of their later models... one of which being the AAR 41' Steel Gondola... and it looks fantastic with that scale-sized draft gear and Sergent coupler on it... molded-on grabs/railings or not.
And the fringe benefit to manufacturers who would be wise enough to start offering their models with just a mounting pad (like Accurail's) is shorter and easier design, development and material cost by and through having one-less-detail to worry with.
The final visual effect of the Sergent is, in my opinion worth the effort.
John Degnan

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