Re: [SergentEng] Installing Sergent E-type couplers on Walthers Mainline SW-1

Nathan Rich

My larger suggestion is to 'dry fit' the installation before you file anything down. You might be apprised to find that it is close enough on the Sergent height gauge that no further modification is necessary. As I said previously also, real coupler heights aren't perfect.

Another thing that I also try to do is to pull the head as far inboard as possible to where it starts looking better. One other thing that I find in my travels is that model manufacturers push the couplers out so that trip pins clear pilots and plows, and it just bothers me. The coupler sticks out into the next county on some of these. I think this is one of the biggest reasons why I love Sergents so much, you can make things look so much better. The other problem then is that sometimes it requires drilling a new mounting hole.

Keep us posted though!


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