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The coupler boxes are available with Sharon Couplers, not with the ENC87K.  "6 Easy-to-Assemble Die Cast AAR Type E (no boxes included) See Accurail Site to order boxes from them. (Accurail Item #1031 or #1081.)"

 Note that it is a New Item (per Accurail website). They typically give their dealers first cut on new items for 3 weeks or so.  No Idea how long they have been up there on the webpage.  Give it another week or so.  If no change call Accurail and politely ask when they might be available (phone number on direct order page, along with hours).  You may have to try twice because they do not (or didn't last time I called) have a dedicated phone operator (keeps your kit costs low).

 They generally have a positive responsive to customer inquiries (I have had beyond excellent customer service from Accurail (and also Sergent Engineering), including some assembly tricks for cars that didn't want to go together). 


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Try it appears that they have some in stock WITH the Sergent couplers.

John Degnan

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I am a new member and am trying to locate (2) packs of Accurail #1031 draft gear.  Factory website says not in stock.  I want to build up 50 pc. of ENC87K coupler assemblies.  Have tried many retailers to no avail.  Any suppliers out there or an alternate draft gear I could use?

Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Dave Ditmer

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