Re: Sergents & Diesel plows

James Wall

Frank and Group,

I have fitted Sergent couplers to two Bowser Centuries(1-C630 and 2- C636).  While none had plows on them I keep running into the problem of the coupler top plate hitting the top of the coupler.  The C630 is actually a Stewart in N&W.  The C636 are Demo 636-1 and Delaware Lackawanna 3642.

Frank, this was one of the projects I wanted to try the RailFlyer type on and it does not work.  The other was the Atlas scale box and that is a bust as well.  As far as I can tell we need the narrow shank with the extension the EC87 has.

With the problem on hitting the plow with a F type, I have installed F types in a Athearn Genesis GP39X and a RTR GP40X, both with plows and no problems.  This may need the same extension as the EC87 as well.

I would say the extension of 0.100 would be good for both projects.

Frank, I will try and take pictures of the problems with the Bowser ALCOs.

Here is a picture of the RTR GP40X with F and plow.

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC

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