Re: [SergentEng] Sergents & Diesel plows

Tim L

I don't really want to speak for Frank but no it would not be difficult,
it's basically a drawing adjustment, not something serious like a
tooling adjustment or a whole new tool.

What it would really boil down to is 1. Finding a need (not too hard) and 2. Having enough demand; that's the difficult part. I don't know how
many couplers Frank casts per investment mold, but I don't think the
wants of just one or two modellers would really cover the justification.

As an example, I'd love for Frank to be able to develop some new
couplers for me (they are only used here as far as I know, it's
basically as bigger beefed up version of the lower shelf E), but I
seriously doubt I could afford the even the production cost, let alone
what Frank would have to charge to make it worth his while.


On 25/08/2016 17:27, Nathan Rich thaddeusthudpucker@... [SergentEng] wrote:

For that matter having F couplers in a few different lengths would be
really cool. Is it hard to do couplers that are custom in terms of
different shank lengths?

This is my favorite part of my hobby time is to get the coupler into the
spot where it is the optimum between getting it as far recessed as
possible but operable. Then at that point I find that things mousy
closely match photographed engines... we have a set of FA's that have
the couplers recessed really far but it looks good because couplers
really don't sit out very far on the prototype it seems.


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Hi Frank,

Hard to say exactly as I don't have the proper plows that they'll need
yet but with the stock standard plows the models come with I think
+0.100" would be about right.

There is enough meat on the loco frame (which is plastic) to move the
mounting hole forward by that amount, but requires filling a deep void
to do so. Not hard but probably a pain.

I'll send you some photo's of one of the dry fitted models.

These are all Bowser 6 axle Centuries which I must imagine no one has
fitted Type F's to before.


On 25/08/2016 14:07, 'Frank Sergent' fsergent@...
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> Hey Tim,
> How much longer would the shank need to be for your application?
> Frank

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