Sergents & Diesel plows

Tim L

Just wondering what folks usually do in the situation of installing Sergents (type F) on diesels with plows on them. Everything I've ever
installed onto before hasn't had plows and has only had type E's, so
I've had choice on coupler shank length to solve how far the coupler
sticks out.

Frank only offers the type F in one shank length and as far as I have "dry fitted" to models I have so far the length is inadequate to get the couplers far enough in front of the plows to be able to couple two loco's together without problems, on curves at least.

I'm not beyond drilling and tapping new mounting holes etc but would
like to avoid that sort of surgery if I can. I would use the RailFlyer
versions as these would be the best on loco's but Frank still doesn't
sell kits of them yet.


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