Re: [SergentEng] EC87A - DISCONTINUED?

Mike Van Hove

Dave, Bill, and anyone else who cares:

I would recommend a small jewelers screwdriver that is very slightly magnetized.  Probably touching it to a magnet a couple of times will be enough.   I use that to pick up the ball (and the spring).  When I get the ball over the hole, I just push it off the magnet with the same pencil I used to Graphite the hole.  The ball will fall right in place.  I stress, you don’t want very much magnetism as you only want to pick up one ball, not a handfull.

These are pretty easy to do, once you get started.  I agree with Dave about the towel or some kind of thing to keep the errant balls from rolling off the work surface.  Once they hit the floor, they seem to evaporate.
Same with the springs.  In actuality, you really won’t loose all that many.  I bought (1) pack of extras when I started, have built enough couplers for 110 cars and haven’t used the entire pack of spares yet.

Give it a whirl, they are kinda fun to build, and as we all know, they sure look a whole lot better.

Mike Van Hove

On Jul 7, 2016, at 3:34 PM, davesnyder59@... [SergentEng] <SergentEng@...> wrote:

Bill, ole man time has afflicted me as well. Here are some things I find needed. A vision enhancement, Optivisor, or lighted magnifier arm, or some lucky people can get by with inexpensive reading glasses. A nice big towel rolled up and shaped into a U or circle to rest your hands and forearms on  
and reduce shakes and catch those flying springs and ball bearings. Some nice long thin surgical tweezers to place bearings and springs on jig. A magnet to recover those pesky bearings. A needle to dispense the super glue (some cut the eye off halfway to give better glue volume) deposition.
Get extra springs and bearing with the jig. Probably forgot something, memory deteriorates with vision and nerves. Note that mother nature seems to help by gradually improving your vision and nervous control with repetition. Wishing you well.

Dave Snyder
Louisville, Ky.

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