On30 Application

Charles Owen

I have completed assembly of two pairs of S scale Sergent couplers that I intend to test on my On30 layout.  However, I am concerned by the lack of draft gear boxes to mount the couplers - I have noted the mention of John Degnan draft gear boxes as well as the Kadee #802 boxes. 

Several questions come to mind:

a).  Are either gear boxes readily available?

b).  Has anyone utilized Sergent couplers on Bachmann On30 EBT coal hoppers - is there a simple conversion process to facilitate this work?

c).  When using the S scale Sergent couplers for On30, is it best to use the couplers at the standard HO Bachmann coupler height or is it better to raise the coupler height to the On3 standard?  It appears that Bachmann On30 equipment was built with that possibility, even though the couplers are supplied at the HO level.

The use of Sergent S scale requires a rather expensive conversion process and hopefully there is a reasonable solution to the questions above.  I really think that the realistic appearance and operational aspects warrant the fullest consideration of the Sergent couplers.

Thanks for your thoughts.

C. Owen

Louisville, KY

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