Re: Corrosion on couplers


Hi Dave.

Thanks for your reply.  

I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.....but it is my current understanding is that ruskolium is a product that uniquely has some sort of propitiates that make it much better than just using a generic automotive undercoat for these couplers.  It somehow acts as a anode and is not just a covering for the metal.

Secondly it is again my understanding that when you paint the couplers the instructions require not painting the operational surfaces so as not to interfere with the fine tolerances involved.

What I had envisaged was first painting as specified in the instructions then brushing a tiny amount of No-Ox on those working surfaces.  Ensuring I get off as much of the No-Ox  off the coupler before final assembly.  

Using No-Ox "may" protect the unpainted portions of the coupler.


Ps that ebay No-Ox seems cheap, thanks for the heads up.

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