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Mike Conder <vulturenest1@...>

Pardon the multiple posts, but I just got this from a friend.  Can nybody help?
Mike Conder

We need urgent help with some information. The letter below from our president, George Neiderauer, is self explanatory. But time is not on our side and we need to have the information by the middle of March to be able to incorporate it into our submission. Please help in anyway you can as even the slightest lead might ensure success. Thank you in advance. For more info visit www.DRHS315.org and please excuse the multiple posting.
Mark Kasprowicz
DRHS Board.

The board of directors of the Durango Railroad Historical Society decided this month to commit to purchase later this year seven rail cars to add to our collection. These cars very rarely come up for sale and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Rather than let them fall into private hands where they might never be seen again, we intend to bring them back their former condition and display them in Silverton CO. alongside our restored drop and high sided gons and D&RGW C-18 #315.
We would like to apply for a grant from the State Historical Fund to acquire and restore these cars. However, a SHF prerequisite for applying for a grant is that they be on a local, state or national register. Being a part of the roster of cars on the Silverton Branch when the D&RGW applied in 1961 for a National Historical Landmark for the Silverton Branch qualifies the cars. D&S has no rosters for their freight cars for the period of the 1950s and 1960s, so we need to find some other kind of evidence: photos, documents, text in books, etc.
Please help us search for such evidence in your collection of photos, books, etc. We need to determine their status by March to be able to finish getting the proposal ready to submit by the April 1 deadline.
Here are the cars we are researching:

Stock car, single deck, D&RGW 5627
Stock car, double deck, D&RGW 5564
Flat car, D&RGW 6215
Box car, D&RGW 3670
Outfit car, bunk, water service, D&RGW 04432
Outfit car, tool D&RGW 04351
Flanger OT

We are looking for evidence that any of these cars was on the Silverton Branch or near it (e.g. RGS line, line from Durango to Chama) during the 1950s or 1960s.

If you know of someone or some collection that we should contact or search, please let us know at info@.... We will be searching Durango, Silverton, CRRM, and Denver Public Library collections.

George Niederauer,
President DRHS

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