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Alan Hummel

Hi Frank. Thank you for your input on O Scale shelf couplers. I got about all I need to put down a great HO layout this time with no size limitations&wouldn't you know it,I bought an O Scale Weaver covered hopper 20+ years ago&the size just keeps me going back&looking at it over&over.  Prices in O Scale are just too expensive,I guess a fellow can always dream though. The company you mentioned that has plastic E couplers is San Quan. They do look nice&are VERY reasonable in price,I been trying to get some just to drool over but can't pull up ordering info. I understand about shelf couplers being a long shot in O as the market is just too limited.
Thanks again,Frank,will be ordering bulk SBE couplers from you soon as well as SE couplers. So glad the production problems in the investment cast products are solved&everything is up&running again.
Remember when we used to talk about magnetically coupled airlines years back? Have you seen the new Magnelock magnetically coupling airlines available from Pacific Western Rail Systems? They really couple&you can turn them 180 degrees &they are supposed work just great according to the video! This defies my logic but guess someone figured it out. They have a video of it even.
Thanks again Frank,have a good one.
Sincerely,Al Hummel

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