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If I may. I've built a number of La Belle that were originally made by three different owners and the end platforms were different on all three. I can't remember which was which. I believe the first was produced with a channel like draft gear box. Too narrow for any coupler without modification. I machined this off and used a Kadee draft gear box. Drilling and tapping a brass 0-80 machine screw then filing the top flush with the upper deck. The second was a flat pad that was fairly thick. I filed that down and once again I used the Kadee draft gear box and 0-80 screw. and the current, I just drilled and tapped 0-80 again. The reason that I use the Kadee draft gear box is that the Accumate is too wide for HOn3 and doesn't allow enough clearance for the wheels. I've installed Blackstone trucks, with pick-up wipers, on my coaches. The pick-up wiper leave even less space for the draft gear box. On some coaches, I've added LED marker lights and interior lighting.

John Niemeyer


Not sure if this is of any help. The La Belle end platforms are smooth on the underside. I've just assembled couplers in their boxes, whatever ones you are going to use for the Sergents, and then glued the boxes to the underside of the platform. I've used Goo and I think epoxy would work as well. I'm kitbashing a car using La Belle end platforms and am close to starting another La Belle kit. As I look at the end platform it appears to be well shaped, but lacking in detail, so I am investigating what details to add and then how to add them - ratchet and pawl, nut-bolt-washers, lower staff bracket, end railings and so on.
Hope this is of some help!

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