Re: [SergentEng] Rookie needs help

Nathan Rich

You just need a bunch of E couplers. If you have a bunch of logging stuff you can use some Sharon couplers for variety.

For other supplies, pick up a height gauge as those are always useful, I like to use two to compare bothe ends of the car at the same time. Assembly jigs are essential, there is one for E's and one for Sharon's. Uncoupling wands are also necessary, I recommend starting with two and later on get a bunch to put at strategic places around your layout.

Welcome to the club!
Nathan Rich

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Hi group! I am brand new to the group. I joined because I am switching to Sergents and I am looking for any help I can get. My first question is which Sergents do I need to model 1940s steam? What else does the group suggest I get ( coupler height gauge, etc.)?

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