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David R. Olsen <drolsen@...>

On Jan 9, 2016, at 7:59 AM, xzxc175@... wrote:

So E couplers make the majority of railcars rollin' through N. America. Most are your standard non-shelf;

From my trackside and photo research over the past two decades, the majority of type E couplers are lower shelf now. That's what I see on most box cars, covered hoppers, open hoppers, and gondolas. Most coal gons and and some coal hoppers are equipped with lower shelf type Fs.  In the '80s and earlier, standard type Es seemed to be more common, but I would say the lower shelf Es outnumber them at least 2 to 1 now. I've bought a lot more Sergent lower shelf Es as a result. When matching my models to prototype photos, I rarely use standard Es. I model 1998, for what it's worth, but it looks to me like all new build cars of the types I mentioned are coming with lower shelf Es nowadays.

Dave Olsen
Alexandria, VA

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