Re: [SergentEng] Use of Couplers

John Niemeyer <jniemeyer@...>

Here’s a link to the NMRA coupler data in the file section of this group.
This is not an absolute only a guide. It depends on your time period and railroad that you model.

OH BOY, I get to ask the first dumb question of the new year 


The different types of couplers (Type E & Type F,  and with Lower Shelf and Double Shelf,  Type H) , what is used where?

I know that Type E is used on most freight cars, passenger equipment uses Type H, tank cars use Double Shelf (E or F??), but what else is used where (I have seen some Lower Shelfs, but do not remember on what)?


I just am trying to get it right, like the look of Sergent couplers, and they are cheaper then KaDees (hate #$%! plastic couplers).


Thank you,

Joe P

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