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Joseph Pyland

Hi Tim,


Here a Type X is what we call a Box car (House car), is that what you mean? A Type X in OZ could be something different.



Joe P



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There's no dumb questions, we only give dumb answers; such as this

I'm not in the US so I can't answer your question as what gets used is
different here. I could tell you what gets used for what here but it
would not be relevant to your modelling.

I guess for someone to answer your question more accurately it might be
helpful to give a time period that you wish to replicate, coupler rules
changed over time and type X freight car might have mandated lower
shelf E's now but were originally fitted with plain E's before the rules

Land of OZ

On 09/01/2016 20:26, 'Joe Pyland' jpyland@... [SergentEng] wrote:
> OH BOY, I get to ask the first dumb question of the new year J
> The different types of couplers (Type E & Type F, and with Lower Shelf
> and Double Shelf, Type H) , what is used where?
> I know that Type E is used on most freight cars, passenger equipment
> uses Type H, tank cars use Double Shelf (E or F??), but what else is
> used where (I have seen some Lower Shelfs, but do not remember on what)?
> I just am trying to get it right, like the look of Sergent couplers, and
> they are cheaper then KaDees (hate #$%! plastic couplers).
> Thank you,
> Joe P

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