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Alden G. McBee

Hi Dave.  The cars I have use a plastic leaf spring on each side of the diaphragm that is cast as part of the diaphragm.   It seems to make the diaphragm bottom out too soon and not let it swivel enough. There may not be enough swivel even if the spring were removed.  I have hesitated working on it without a spare as I don’t know if they can be purchased from Walthers;  I need to give them a call.  I have also considered trying to add springs to Train Station Products Amfleet diaphragms, but I haven’t checked to see if they are the same size, and it would probably be more difficult than using the originals.
   Alden McBee
   Wheeling, WV

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Alden, this issue has come up a couple times on various lists in reference to Walthers diaphragms. My plan is to add a spacer between the metal leaf spring and the end of the car so that it doesn't put as much pressure on those tabs at the top and bottom of the diaphragm. The other suggestion I've heard is to replace it with a piece of thin styrene strip which wouldn't be as strong as the metal spring. I think either way should work - I know other have used the styrene strip idea - I just figured the plastic strip would start to develop a memory over time and lose some of its pressure.

Dave Olsen
Alexandria, VA

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