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I use a Sherline mill and its machining clamp as a sort of built in fixture. I bought several extra sets of jaws for the clamp. They are not expensive and are made of mild steel.

I put the clamp on the table and close the jaws firmly. I cut the general shape of the outline of say a coupler in the jaws. I only cut down X amount so that a shelf is left for the part to sit on. This way you don't need to add a lot of clamping pressure. I don't open the cut out the full width of the pat leaving something to clamp onto. If you take too much width just come back with a end mill and take a bit off the face of the jaws.

My most common set up to just cut a step in the face of the jaws with the jaws clamped. Thus making a square and true step on both jaws. Makes for easy clamping of many parts for hole drilling or other modifications. You may be able to cut the step and just perhaps a small cut out to hold the coupler. The cut out will insure each coupler you put in the jaws will be in exactly the same spot and you can easily do a number of couplers in one session.


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Thanks. I have this mill right here and I didn't even think of making a fixture...duh!
I talked with a friend this evening that has connections to find a piece of scrap brass bar or structural aluminum that I can use. I'd rather use one of those than steel.

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