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Jawed Anwar

Signs of Prophethood of Muhammad (s.a.w.) in Quran: Some Important Points

By Syed Abul A'ala Maududi

(Translated from the book "Seerat e Sarwar e Aalam ﷺ", Chapter “The Importance of Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh) and Its Arguments) 

Quran Says;

 “(O Prophet), you did not recite any Book before, nor did you write it down with your hand; for then the votaries of falsehood would have had a cause for doubt. But it is a set of Clear Signs in the hearts of those who have been endowed with knowledge.” (29:48-49)

The basis of the argument in this verse is that the Prophet (peace be upon him) was unlettered. His compatriots and his kinsmen among whom he had spent his whole life, from birth to old age, knew fully that he had never read a book nor ever handled a pen. MORE

Gender Genocide in Canada-4: Things to Do

Syed Jawed Anwar

FEW years ago, I was sitting with some of Ulema (scholars of Islam) in Toronto at a dinner party. I initiated, “I have a question if any one among you will prefer to answer.” Then, I asked a question:

“History proves that wherever, whenever, Muslims migrated and entered into any country, the darkness of the society started disappearing, and finally light engulfed the whole nation. As Muslims’ presence increased, the light overcame the darkness. But now things have completely changed. It is going opposite now. The population of Muslims in Canada have increased tremendously in last twenty-five or thirty years. Now we have hundreds of Masajid, Islamic Centers, Madrasas and countless number of Huffaz and ulema. We have about one million Muslims in Canada. However, the darkness of the society in social evils increased in a much higher proportion than our presence. Why is this difference?”  MORE

Time for All US Muslims to Become Politically Active
Time for All US Muslims to Become Politically Active

Yvonne Ridley

OF the many revelations I discovered on my spiritual journey to Islam one that completely blew me away was just how environmentally friendly and green is this great faith. Reading through the pages of the Holy Qur’an, it is abundantly clear that God, as our Creator, made we humans trustees of our beautiful planet.

For instance in Surah 30:30 we are instructed: "Devote thyself single-mindedly to the Faith, and thus follow the nature designed by Allah, the nature according to which He has fashioned mankind. There is no altering the creation of Allah". MORE

The Source and Necessity of Order and Structure
The Source and Necessity of Order and Structure

Elder George

THE universe contains the structure and order enabling all life to function, preserve itself, and propagate. Structure provides parameters to function within, and order provides reliability of events and responses to action.

Imagine not knowing the time of the phases of the moon or of sunrise, the constancy of the pull of gravity, the temperatures at which liquids vaporize and solidify, the frequency, duration, and height of tides, and the change of seasons. Life could not function and would soon cease if such a lack of order prevailed. MORE