Our Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership (2)

Jawed Anwar

Our Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership (2)
Our Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership (2)

Syed Jawed Anwar

WHEN John Godfrey announced his retirement from politics, the nomination election for the Liberal Party of Canada Don Valley West was held in 2008. Abdul Haq Ingar supported Rob Oliphant, an open gay, same-sex married and international gay activist. Mr. Ingar opposed a Muslim nominee candidate Mohammad Ijaz (finished second). Bearded Muslim men and burqa clad women were lined up against a bearded practicing Muslim brother Ijaz. It seemed that they all came to vote Ingar (a Masjid leader), not Oliphant. MORE

Our Gay-enabling Islamic Leadership (1)

Gay Bible is now available for those who feel the need to have their gay lifestyle justified by Scriptures. Verses condemning homosexuality are now re-written gay friendly scripture. 

Similarly, things are changing so fast in the “Islamic” leadership that it is not beyond the comprehension that gay-friendly “shariah” might be developed soon.    MORE