Manufactured Parent`s Consent-My Articles on Sex-Ed Curriculum: Before and After

Jawed Anwar

My Articles on Sex-Ed Curriculum: Before and After

Published Before Announcement:

Manufacturing Parents’ Consent for S-x Ed Curriculum
23 Nov 2014


SINCE the last few weeks, Ontario Sex Education Curriculum was  in the media  lime light. This sparked a various discussions in different forums.

Concerned parents are angry, frustrated and losing the confidence and belief in the public education system.

It has been reported that the Ministry of Education and its different agencies are asking parents consent to implement sex education curriculum. This is a blatant lie.

The fact is that:

Premier Kathleen Wynne will introduce a controversial sex education curriculum into Ontario elementary schools in September 2015. Controversial because the last time the Liberal government tried to do this in 2010 - when Ms Wynne was education minister from 2006 to early 2010 - it botched it so badly then premier Dalton McGuinty killed it. (QMI Agency news published in Sun on November 9, 2014).  MORE

Published After Announcement:

Ontario S-x Ed Curriculum: What is the right option for religious communities?
06 Feb 2015


Ontario’s ex McGuinty liberal government and present Wynne’s government have polluted the spiritual environment of Ontario in such a way that religious communities have had to hold their breath.

Let’s re visit and re check the changes and its purpose regarding sex education curriculum (proposed) in the light of “Accepting Education Act” and “Freedom of gender expression act”. This curriculum has already been implemented in the school system for several years. Changes have been made as such that now in public schools, a boy can use girls washroom and a girl can use boy’s washroom and stopping them to do so is a “human rights violation.”This has also extended to all the public washrooms. While your wife, mother, sister or daughter will use a public washroom, all of a sudden a man can enter the same washroom and you can’t stop him. Freedom of gender change and expression at any time, provides opportunity for sexual predators for sexual crime by using ladies washrooms and gender neutral washrooms. MORE

S-xting: Kathleen Wynne’s Agenda Revealed

Some poll results (vote and get result): MORE


Elect Doug Ford to Diffuse Radical S-x Education

13 Feb 2018
Elect Doug Ford to Diffuse Radical S-x Education

Syed Jawed Anwar

If you have concern with radical s-x education in public schools and gender killer education system developed by anti-generation anti human liberal ideologists, Doug Ford is your guy.

If you have to clean Ministry of Education from people like Ben Levin, now-convicted child pornographer who overseen the radical and extremely offensive porno style sex ed in Ontario Public funded schools, Doug Ford is your guy. MORE