Long Struggle to correct the public education system

Jawed Anwar

Ontario's  Doug Ford Progressive Conservative government' s announcement (congratulation) of repealing "sex Ed curriculum 2015" is just 20% relief. 
80 % of objectionable education system mostly brought thru the Bill 13 (New "Accepting" Education Act) in 2012 by Liberal Wynne government will be still there. 
For example; Alternate Family (2 moms, 2 dads), SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification from grade 3), GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance Club in public schools), Pink Day, (Gay) Pride Week, etc will still prevail. I believe it is a long struggle to correct the public education. I will highly advise parents to keep away your children from Ontario public schools as maximum as possible.
Meanwhile, be ready for a (long) struggle to correct the education and social system of Canada. 
Syed Jawed Anwar