Leader of the World: A Common Heritage of Entire World

Jawed Anwar

Leader of the World:  A Common Heritage of Entire World

We Muslims call Prophet Muhammadﷺ Sarwar-e-Alam, which means ـ“Leader of the World”. In Urdu it is “Duniya ka Sardar”. In Hindi it's “Jagat Guru”. 

Although this title is a great honour, compared to his personality and achievements, the title still does not cover the great honour he deserves. 
In view of this, we need to evaluate certain conditions. The first condition to call one a leader of the world is that he works for the welfare of all sections of the world and not a particular section or group.  How much respect do you have for a leader who loves his country or a nationalist leader as he worked for the welfare only of his own people? If he does not belong to your tribe or your community or your section, such a person cannot be accepted by you as a leader. If a leader’s service is confined to China or Spain, for examples, he cannot be considered a leader by others. If he considers his own people as superior to others, he causes divisions and animosity. All people can accept a man as their leader only when he regards them equally, treats them without discrimination, and does not have preferences according to his personal interests.