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Jawed Anwar

Assalam u Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barkatuh.

I hope this letter finds you in good spirit and health.

It is our pleasure to share that at blog we have plan;

1. To post minimum 1,000 articles in English (covering all aspects of life of Prophet Muhammad 
 ) targeting mainly North American (US and Canada) people of all faith. Most of the articles will be translated and edited from Arabic and Urdu. We have American editors to edit the translated English contents.

 2.    Publication of a Quarterly Journal Print edition on Seerah and distribution in the public libraries and Universities (Social Sciences departments).

 3.    Few hundred articles on Islamic Education.

 4.    Prophetic Perspective of Current Affairs.

 It is a tremendous task, but we believe it is most important task with Dawah and Tarbiyah perspective.

However, it is not possible to accomplish this huge task without you. We are looking forward for your help in any kind that starts from DUA (prayer); monthly donation (any amount); one time donation (any amount); advertisement (text and banners); translation work (from Arabic and/or Urdu to English); Urdu typing; social media campaigns, fundraising effort, etc.

Can we enlist you in the supporter’s list of this project? Please mention how you can help us.  

Waiting for your response,

With Best Regards,

 Jawed Anwar

Publisher & Editor

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