Egypt: Murder of President Morsi & Death of Democracy 

Jawed Anwar

Egypt: Murder of President Morsi & Death of Democracy 

The premeditated murder

Allowing an ill person to die in prison without medical care is itself a homicidal crime. Such death is never called natural death, rather a deliberate killing. It is indeed a horrendous punishable crime; those who are responsible for it must face the punishment. Such a crime has exactly been committed against Dr. Muhammad Morsi by Egypt’s brutal dictator President Abbel Fattah al-Sisi. In 2013, within one year of the election, al-Sisi removed Dr. Muhammad Morsi from the Presidency by a military coup. So, al-Sisi committed another punishable crime by eliminating the country’s first and the only elected President to grab power for himself.

Dr. Morsi was known for diabetes and liver disease, which required regular investigation and treatment. Any criminal negligence could only precipitate his premature death. It was his fundamental human right to have the necessary medical care. The Egyptian law and international law make it an obligatory duty of the Egyptian government to provide such care. But an established killer doesn’t care about the legal obligation. Otherwise, how could he make a coup and kill the people? Hence deprivation of Dr. Morsi’s medical care became a reality. Thus, he was forced to die without treatment. Whereas, his treatment need was so crucial that once he collapsed in his prison cage inside the court because of low blood sugar. An enemy like al-Sisi could only ignore the treatment and wished his early death.

The pure evil