Can Palestinians Forgive and Forget? -Yvonne Ridley in Johannesburg

Jawed Anwar

Can Palestinians Forgive and Forget?

Yvonne Ridley in Johannesburg

Few believed the Palestinian groups of Hamas and Fatah could finally bury the hatchet when both sides came together for reconciliation in Cairo recently but that is exactly what happened.

Watching the whole drama from his offices thousands of miles away in South Africa was hero of the anti-Apartheid struggle 87-year-old Laloo Isu Chiba who knows the pain and sacrifice revolutionaries have to make if they are to overcome oppression and brutal regimes.

The former Robben Island inmate and friend of the late Nelson Mandela applauded the successful outcome of the Hamas-Fatah meeting and then he talked of the importance of forgiveness if the Palestinians hope to move forward in their 70-year fight to win back their lands.