Blasphemy of the Prophet (British India): The Right to Revenge-3

Jawed Anwar

Blasphemy of the Prophet (British India): The Right to Revenge-3

Syed Jawed Anwar BRITISH government of Indians didn’t allowed any opposition to the government. Saying anything in the opposition of the British government was a criminal act. Today’s so-called champion of “freedom of expression” and democracy --hypocrite West-- never allowed any voice of dissent in any part of their occupied lands. But it was allowed to disgrace and abuse the most sacred personalities MORE


Blasphemy of the Prophet (in British India)-2

Syed Jawed Anwar BRITISH occupied India from the hands of Muslims. Although Indian public including Hindus resisted British power in the beginning, a special interest group of high class Hindu with the support of British Raj emerged. They made Muslims’ social and religious life miserable. The attack on Islam, its culture, practices and its respected personalities from Western orientalists and new Hindu revivalists became rampant. MORE

Blasphemy of the Prophet: Right to Revenge-1

MUSLIMS have requested that blasphemy (ridiculing, insulting, disgracing) against Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and other Messengers of Godﷺ be made a punishable crime, felony. UN should declare it a crime and ask every nation to make laws to control it. Muslims have been crying for this for a long time but are still unheard. MORE