What Pink Day Teaches

Jawed Anwar

Assalam u Alaykum
Here in Toronto, parents were asked to send their children in School in pink shirts on Feb 28; the Pink Day. Ontario Schools celebrate PD every year under the new curriculum document Wynne's Liberal Government brought and implemented in 2013. Parents are asking me what to do??  Pink Day is the celebration of homosexuality and gay life style. Check Quran what Allah says and orders. Check what Hadhrat Lut A.S. did. Learn from the fate of nation of Lut A.S who did not obeyed Allah and His Prophet a.s or were just silent spectator. Ask the Mufti of your own heart, your conscience.....You will find the answer. Stood up for "Nahi un al Munkar" Say NO.It is not acceptable. 

What Day of Pink Teaches in School