Please respond-Few days left-Dec.15 is deadline. +Urdu Column-Shamim Siddiqi ki Ruhlat

Jawed Anwar

Attention: Ontario Canada Residents
Just few days left. Deadline is December 15. Please keep forwarding, sharing, circulating, distributing; following link; a step by step guideline how to respond Ford's Parental Feedback on Sex-ed Curriculum..
Premier Ford’s Parental Consultation: What and How to Respond?   Jawed Anwar
PREMIER Doug Ford opened up the promised parental consultation process on sex-ed by launching the Ontario government's consultation website. Based on your feedback from the consultation, the Ford administration will write a new sex-ed curriculum. This consultation will close on December 15. So please don’t delay. For all concerned parents, grandparents, residents, and citizens, it is like "do or die" situation. Please respond NOW.  MORE

اسلامی تحریکی کارکن شمیم صدیقی ؒ کی رحلت

مسلموں کواسلام کی دعوت‘‘۔شمیم صدیقیؒ کی زندگی، فکر، نصب العین کا یہی نچوڑ تھا۔ ’’دعوت، دعوت، دعوت، اسلام کی دعوت، امریکاز (امریکا اور کینیڈا) کے ہر ایک گھر میں اسلام کی دعوت

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