>>>>>> Pls REPLY to Groups.io Invitation You Will Get (Scranton)

Ingram-James-Yahoo-Groups <ingram17701yg@...>

1. Request:

Please REPLY to the “INVITATION”  — that Groups .io will send you in a few minutes.

((Do NOT reply to THIS email; this is NOT the Invitation.))

The Invitation email’s subject will be "Invitation to join the scrantondance@groups.io group

and it will be from   scrantondance@groups.io Moderators

| Thanks.   -  James Ingram, Cell 570-772-1323,  JamesIngram.net
|  facebook.com/james.robert.ingram 
|   Williamsport PA, Apache Junction AZ

2. Reason For Asking:

This will make you a member of the new [ScrantonDance] group on Groups .io.

Verizon is “KILLING” all the Yahoo Groups Dec. 15, so I’m trying to get everyone moved into the NEW group, that will take the place of Yahoo groups.

Any QUESTIONS, feel free to call me at the above cell number.

The Rest Of The Story:

3. Verizon Will Delete All Yahoo Groups Dec 15,2020

On Monday Oct. 12, 2020, Verizon informed us that it will complete its trashing of Yahoo groups -- by totally DELETING them all  on Dec. 15, 2020.

See the notice on the following image, where the red arrow at the top is pointing.


If any of the Announcers want to send any messages, make sure you do so BEFORE Dec. 15.

I want to THANK all 438 members for having been part of this Yahoo [ScrantonDance] group, that sends Ballroom & Swing Dance news for North East Pennsylvania.

More FYI Info:

4. New Group Has Been Created:

The new PUBLIC group is at  https://groups.io/g/scrantondance 
  • The groups .io work very similar to the Yahoo groups.
  • The same guy that designed Yahoo groups before Yahoo bought them, Mark Fletcher, designed groups .io.
For Announcers:
  • I will encourage all ANNOUNCERS to join this group, and send a copy of their announcements to this group.
  • The group will STORE your announcements on a PUBLIC web page.
  • People will be able to view your announcements — weeks or months after you have sent them.

  • To be an ANNOUNCER who can SEND messages to the group, you’ll need to get “posting privileges” (same as before).

5. Viewing Messages on the Groups .io Page:

There is a "Messages" link on the upper left corner of the Groups .io home page.
Clicking that "Messages"  link will take you to the page  https://groups.io/g/scrantondance/topics   , where ANYONE can browse the announcements — even WEEKS later than when it was sent.

Note there are several test messages that you can view.

You do NOT need to be a member of the group, to VIEW the announcements on the web page.

But if you want to RECEIVE the announcements by email, you WILL need to be a member (same as with Yahoo).

======================= end of email =============================

Join ScrantonDance@groups.io to automatically receive all group messages.